Software Repaired, Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign Moves Forward

Posted by on November 4, 2010

After days of extensive reinstall efforts toward the Electron Toolset, only to end in vain, the decision to overhaul the OS resulted in a successful rendering of the Neverdarklands module (and prior modules, much larger ones in fact, to include the Original Campaign). The NWN2 package was also reinstalled, along with all the updates (which were executed AFTER the disk overlays, for future reference).

Multiple tests were conducted, and it is safe to assume that further progress toward the engineering of Neverdarklands can continue unhindered.

Still, automatic updates for Windows 7 have been shutoff until further notice. No need to tempt the fates on this. Manual control, I always say; ab nun jetzt fort. 

For your patience, here is a sample wall hanging that will be included in one of the emperor’s keeps in Never Darklands, to give you an idea of the rich medieval culture and quality of detail being integrated into the game setting.

La Madonna del cancelliere Rolin by Van Eyck

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5 Responses to “Software Repaired, Neverwinter Nights 2 Campaign Moves Forward”

  1. Andrew A. Sailer Says:

    Very interesting to read. I enjoyed well while reading. I will recommend my friends to read this one for sure.

  2. Tana Says:

    Hello :) Is it okay that I go sort of off subject? I’m tryin to view the post on my new Macbook although it won’t show correctly (a few of the buttons are almost completely hidden), any solutions? Shall I try to find an fix for my system or something? Thanks for the help I hope! Tana x :)

  3. admin Says:

    Welcome, Tana! As far as I know, WordPress (the underlying “utility” that drives this blog) is platform agnostic, meaning it should function the same whether on Windows, Linux or a Mac. Having said that, the theme (graphics layout, color scheme, etc…) is proprietary and may not have been calibrated for Mac users during its development.

    It would help to know which browser you are using (Safari, Camino, etc…) I confess my coding skills with MacIntosh systems are next to zero, and as it were most of my time for software chops are dedicated to the Neverdarklands project anyhow, so a hand-written software patch on this end isn’t likely to happen soon, I’m afraid.

    In the meantime, make sure your browser version is up to date, and your screen resolution is maximized.

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  5. admin Says:

    Welcome to Neverdarklands. There is an RSS subscriber link (an bar with an embedded orange icon) on the front page of this site; click that and you will have access to any number of autofeeds.