Score for Neverdarklands Completed

Posted by on November 8, 2010

After spending much of the week in the recording studio, below are a couple of excerpts from the soundtrack to Neverdarklands, featuring a swelling pipe organ and reed instruments (well, they are sampled instruments… still they sound nice!) They are transcribed from some music I uncovered from the medieval classical period, circa the reign of the Holy Roman Empire. These pieces have lasted throughout the ages, and should be very familiar upon listening. If not, you should be going to church more often.

In all, thirty (30) period pieces were produced by my hand, as contributions to the final score of Neverdarklands. I plan to compose/record some original tracks as well. Working with vintage material is much quicker than producing original material, but stay tuned. One piece is near completion, and there are a few more on the back burner I have to re-record.

The title track has yet to be written.


Veni Emmanuel

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