Quests in the Making…

Possibly the most exciting “page” of this annnouncement: a combination of old and new. Excerpts of the party missions germane to the classic Darklands game interpreted under the NWN2 platform, and a plethora of all-new quests being developed for Neverdarklands. All coming soon!

Last modified on October 20, 2010

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  1. admin Says:

    As of now, there are over fifteen quests being developed for Neverdarklands. Some are arduous, a few are massive but none are trite.

    Efforts are underway to incorporate a “quest spawning” engine, that will populate the map with quests that are driven by changes to the environment as a function of gameplay. This should result in more dynamic responses to the player’s actions.

    And of course there is the main quest…

  2. admin Says:

    I am working on all the journal entries for each quest, a few of which are introduced in the “startup” area. All told, about 20 quests will be incorporated into Neverdarklands, half of which are derived from the Darklands video game, while the other half are original mission quests based on historical accounts and my own imagination. I borrow a few concepts from Katherine Kurtz on one of the side quests; I’ll leave that for the experts to figure out.

    At this early stage, much of the intrigue in broadcasting a game of this scope is to conceal as much of the story and campaigning from the player… on the other hand I believe in piquing the curiosity of the reader to the point of immersion.

    I will submit that some of the quests involve witch hunts, pagan sacrifices and appearances by a dastardly but popular biblical figure from the Apocalypse, and if I have my way with the Toolset, Tiamat herself (lest we forget, this IS a game we are talking about). There are a number of expeditions that center around political subterfuge, and of course a number of religious campaigns circa the Holy Roman Empire to either promote or deter in order to gain fame within the region.

    The idea here with this questing dynamic is to (surprise!) promote at a deeper level the role-playing aspect of gameplay using the Neverwinter Nights rubric. Yes, this has been promised in countless other arenas, with varying levels of success. However, the advantage, I feel, with the Neverdarklands scenario is the formal attention to literary appeal, the historical fabric of the period as a gaming device, and a litany of intelligent conversations written to help propel the tale. There will be a fair share of melee and a common enemy to be sure, but much of the gameplay will be used to advance the plot and historical charm of medieval Germany. Therefore, many of the quests are structured to support this ideology, less the gathering and Fed Ex mechanics of “seek this, give this to that, collect reward”, etc… although some of these are included for variety. Hopefully, the gaming experience will appeal to more than just the grinding camp, to include the roleplayers and the tactical combat players as well.

    That’s it, I’ve said too much.

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