Game Mechanics

This page will contain updates on how elements of gameplay, roleplay and game “immersion” will be incorporated.

Last modified on October 21, 2010

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  1. admin Says:

    Players will experience a vast region of Germany set in the 16th century Medieval period. The player will come across a variety of NPCs (swordsmen, rogues, adventurers, monks, clerics, soldiers… the usual suspects).

    To establish some uniqueness with this game setting, the plan is to encourage better “dialog control” for game accessibility. In other words, the actions of the player can and will have a profound effect on the region they are exploring.

    Exploration is emphasized, as is typical of most NWN2 modules. One of the tenets associated with this action is atmosphere and mood. The original soundtrack, for instance, has been reproduced on modern studio equipment; in addition, some original pieces will be part of the game soundtrack, since as we all know, the right score can set the proper mood.

    One element of gameplay that is being tested now is a sort of “dynamic quest placement” engine. For more information on this important element of gameplay, see this page.

  2. admin Says:

    The goal of the adventure will be to accumulate experience, but through the completion of quests the opportunity to advance wealth (gold or Florins/Groschen and Pfenniges), fame or reputation, and virtue (alignment modifiers).

    In the works is whether or not virtue can be extended to more “divine” traits. Darklands took great strides in allowing prayer actions to affect the outcome of several events. Whether this can be embedded in NWN2 system is currently unknown.

  3. admin Says:

    Crafting also played a heavy role in the original Darklands, particularly potions. Magic was often in the background, often unseen and even less controllable. Therefore, it is prudent to attempt a game mechanic that will improve upon the crafting of potions from raw materials as this is the most powerful magical element.

    This is an under-developed concept that is being addressed, it may not be possible to cripple magic entirely in the NWN2 system.

  4. admin Says:

    As commented earlier, gameplay will not emphasize magic; other than practicing a foundation of alchemy, potions will be plentiful throughout the campaign and hopefully the ability to craft such potions.

    Another script being worked on: if possible, a player’s (or NPC’s) strength will be reflective of the overall HP rating of the character. In other words, the lower number of HP had by a character, the lesser his strength score, which will effect any damage dealt during melee.

    There will be no convenient auto-leveling of creatures. Their difficulty (challenge rating) will often be experienced first hand. Click here for a partial list of creatures.

  5. admin Says:

    There are over 90 cities and towns in the original Darklands. We have nowhere near the resource requirement to render this many townships, but we are developing a clever workaround which closely emulates the engine from the Darklands traditional means of travel.

    Darklands didn’t have the third person perspective available (outside of traditional melee combat, which was the precursor to Diablo, Baldur’s Gate and of course NWN) to travel within the confines of the German towns; in its place was a litany of screenshots and player options (think Broderbund’s Myst and the conversation trees employed by NWN2) acting as transitions (cut scenes) to many of the game events.

    For the NWN2 module, upon exiting and entering a village or town, the player will be greeted with these same options. This is the current phase of development. However, a handful of larger towns and POIs will be handed with the traditional mechanic of knocking on building doors, chatting with NPCs etc… that we’ve all come to know and love.

    This accelerates the completion date considerably.

  6. admin Says:

    There are some excellent prefabs that will be included in Neverdarklands:

    Sorceress Ashura’s Prefab Area Pack
    Teper’s Lakeside Mountains Prefab
    Knights of The Chalice, Chapter House
    Mountainous hill side town
    Island tower with cave
    Red’s Wilderness Village

    elements from these packs will be integrated into some of the region areas.

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